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Blender Buying Guide

Choosing the right blender depends on knowing what you will be using the blender for. There are two basic kinds or blender: Table-top or upright blender and a Handheld or immersion blender. There is a further type which is specifically designed for making Smoothies.

Upright blenders excel at mixing icy drinks while handheld blenders are good for stirring liquid or pureeing vegetables in a saucepan.

Tabletop blenders

The key attributes that most shoppers are after is the blender’s ice-crushing ability but, appearance is also paramount as a blender is one of the most frequently used household appliance and is usually kept on the countertop instead of in a cupboard somewhere.

People often like to have their appliance match the colour scheme of their kitchen; this is where the rainbow colours of the KitchenAid brand comes into it’s own.

Our full range of blenders include models from: Kenwood, Breville, Bosch, Morphy Richards, Moulinex, Philips, Cuisinart, Prima and KitchenAid.

We have a model to suit any wallet.


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