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Deep Fat Fryer Buying Guide

Want to buy a Deep Fat Fryer? Almost everybody loves home-made chips to go with their meal, or even to eat as a snack. Make your own and you will no longer have to queue up at the local take-away! Children and adults will both love the freshly made snacks that will make your deep fat fryer an excellent and well used product, you’ll soon see that having a fryer at home means more than just chips but a wide range of meals, and with some recipes, they can even be healthy.

We’re here to help you purchase a deep fat fryer perfect for you. There are many different types and models so take your time to find the one most suitable for you. Most fryers are very quick and easy to use, hence their popularity. Just some examples of foods it can fry include meat, vegetables, and even fruit.

Your Style  
There are lots of different shapes, sizes, and even colours to choose from. All to make sure they fit in with you and your kitchen. Some are technically easy to use and others are more advanced. Factors you should also consider include how much you will be using your fryer, If the answer is a lot, then it might be worth investing in a more expensive model. If you will only need it for the odd snack, then by all means purchase a cheaper version. Frying for one? We also sell some smaller mini fryers too.

Prices prices start at around £25. The more expensive models are more economical to run, as well as safer and easier to clean, basically, as far as deep fat fryers are concerned, the more money you spend the better quality fryer you will get.

Some Features of Deep Fat Fryers
Some features you may find on the model you choose:

  • Power on indicator light. 
  • Handy indicator light to alert you when the oil needs changing. 
  • Cool touch handles or exteriors. 
  • Non-slip feet to keep your fryer safely in place. 
  • Cord storage (some cords detach completely). 
  • External buttons to bring the basket up safely before you open the lid, preventing hot oil from splattering on you or over your counter top. Fryers may have anti-grease and anti-odour filters. Some types will let you know when the filter needs changing. Some models have double filters.



Timers and Thermostats

Some fryers have timers, and different models may have different maximum cooking periods, so you may wish to compare these before buying. Some timers will alert you with a bell when they turn off.
Fryers can also come with variable thermostats, which give you more control over the cooking process. Most fryers operate in the 140-200 °C. (280-400°F) temperature range and indicator lights will let you know when the correct temperature has been reached.  Some fryers have digital controls whilst others feature dials or slide buttons, and you should decide on the type of controls you would like in advance, and compare product descriptions when buying.

Cleaning the Fryer
Some deep fat fryers have lids that come off or removable non-stick bowls. Other models come apart completely, so all non-electrical pieces can be popped into a dishwasher for easy, thorough cleaning. Check to see if the model you’re interested in has many removable or dishwasher-safe parts if these features are important to you. Also, some of the more fully featured models have filters that help remove some of the frying smells while cooking, meaning the whole house need not smell of fish but you still get great fish and chips!

Low oil Fryers
Newer models, such as the Tefal Actifry use both smaller amounts of oil and hot air or halogen lights to fry your food in a more healthy way, using a minimum amount of fat to achieve the same flavour.  These have proven extremely popular and the Actifry is often on our top 10 products list. They are just as easy to use and clean as conventional models.


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