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Heating Buying Guide

You may look to purchase an additional heater for your home or office for a number of reasons. Maybe the heating you currently use is not efficient enough, It could be that your house is not insulated properly, or maybe members of your household like the extra heat! For which ever reason, here at, we stock so many different designs, manufacturers and types that we hope you’ll find one that will suit your needs. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right heater or radiator for you. To see the full heating range, click here.

Features to look out for in your heater

Storage Heaters/ Night Storage Heaters:
Storage heaters are the ideal compliment to off peak electricity. The heater uses cheap night time electricity to 'charge up' with heat, which is then released during the day. On top of most of the storage heaters there is a control that can be set to allow the desired amount of heat out.

Slim Panel Heaters:
Wall mounted panel heaters are very slim and contemporary in design. Being economical to run, splash-proof, and silent in operation, they make the perfect choice where space saving, efficiency and style are concerned. They are suitable for domestic and commercial use in areas as diverse as bedrooms, kitchens and offices. They give constant heat and are some of the cheapest electric heaters to run.

Convector Heaters:
A convection system is the transport of heat within the air. The heat travels upwards with the natural upward movement of heated air creating air circulation. A convection heater relies on the natural or forced air passing over an extremely hot electrical element before forcing the heated air out into the room. They are quick to heat up and great at warming small to mid-sized rooms, once switched off, you should find that the room will retain some of the heat from it.

Fan Heaters
Fan Heaters are great for heating up smaller spaces very quickly and are more convenient than a lot of conventional heaters. They work in much the same way a cool air fan works, by taking in the air around and turning it in to hot air. A lot of the fan heaters also provide a cool air flow, so it’s perfect for using seasonally. They can be more expensive to run and while they heat a room very quickly, once switched off, you may notice the room cools down again quickly.

Oil Filled Radiators
Innovative Oil Filled Radiators give high performance and excellent value for money. New designs now mean there’s greater heating surface and faster hot air flow than traditional oil filled radiators. They are perfect for both temporary extra heating requirements as well as permanent installation, for example when you don’t have central heating installed in your home; oil filled radiators heat a room in exactly the same way as a fully installed central heating system. Some can be wall mounted too, providing a permanent replacement for central heating. They vary in power and the more powerful the radiator, the larger room it can heat. 500 Watt models are great for small rooms while 2.5 – 3 kW models can heat large spaces with ease.

Depending on what you’re looking for, most of our newer designs mean that you can have warmth and fashion. Who said heaters couldn’t be funky? We supply a large amount of slim line heaters which not only look great but are also more environmentally friendly. Look out for the retro designs which you may be interested in. Most of the heaters are mainly provided in black or white.

The cheapest models on electricshopping start at around just £15 and prices go up to well over £100; so there really is a varied price range. The Fan heaters are generally the cheaper option, whilst the storage heaters and electric fireplaces are at the top end of the range.

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