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Dropshipping Terms and Conditions



Terms and Conditions for Dropshipping members.


By applying to join our dropshipping membership service you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions below. These are in addition to our standard terms and conditions which are available here.

The dropship service is provided to members accepted onto the program at the sole discretion of Limited (The Company). Membership is applied for online and should it be granted The Company retains all rights with respect to your membership of the program. Membership can be terminated at any time and for any reason by The Company or the member. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses or otherwise related to your membership, purchases, operations or termination of membership from the program.

Discounts to members are provided in tiers which are generally decided on by monthly spend on a three-month rolling basis. Members agree that they may have their tiers moved up and down as The Company sees fit and while The Company will endeavour to take reasonable steps to give the member warning of a tier change, The Company will bear no responsibility for losses or otherwise related to a change of discount tier. Moving discount tiers will be decided at the sole discretion of The Company.

The member agrees that:

  • Items purchased on the members account are for resale only and not for personal use. Orders for personal use must be made using a separate account and at the standard retail price.
  • Discount codes, coupons etc will not be used on any orders placed on the members account. The member agrees that orders placed using discount codes may be cancelled without warning or shipped with the discount being reversed and re-billed to the form of payment at the point of shipment or any time after. The member accepts that using discount codes may invalidate their membership of the program.
  • Orders will be marked with a gift message stating that the order is a dropshipped order.
  • The member will handle all customer service requests and contact for their end user and that their end user will not contact The Company directly.
  • Returns will be requested via email or phone and will be processed in accordance with our standard returns policy. 






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